St Joseph's Commemorative Wood - Pricing

Pricing Information
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    Views from St Joseph's Wood

Commemorative Tree Planting
The planting of a commemorative tree within the stunning and unique setting of St Joseph's Woodland at Aysgarth Falls in Wensleydale You are able to choose from a selection of tranquil locations for your tree.

£250 excl VAT

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    Commemorative Oak Tree

 Your Tree
You are able to choose from a locally grown range of native broad leaf woodland species including Evergreen & Sessile Oak, 
Holly, Rowan, Silver & Downy Birch, Hazel, Bird Cherry, and Ash. Your tree will stand between 4-6 foot tall and are in 'rootballs'.

£45 approx excl. VAT

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    Preparing the ground for your tree planting

Pre-Planting Preparation
Prior to the day of your planting we will prepare the ground for placement for your chosen tree. If you have chosen to lay and engraved limestone from 'fallen-walls' in St Joseph's we will also prepare a discrete setting at the base of your tree.

£50 excl. VAT

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    Limestone 'fallen-walls' in St Joseph's

 Stone Engraving
You may also choose to have a limestone engraving taken from the fallen walls in St Joseph's to lay face down at the base of your tree maintaining a discrete and natural setting.

£45 excl. VAT

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